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Stockman Jim


SIRE: Stockman Talk

DOB: August 2002

It has been over 10 years since Jim was first reported in Merino Superior Sires and he remains a trait leader across DP+, MP+ and FP+ Indexes. Jim is an exceptional 'proven' sire with a potent ability to pass his attributes to his progeny. This unique ram combines the benefits of outstanding classing rates with excellent production figures.  Limited semen still available.        

SEMEN: $50 per dose + GST

    100+: $40 per dose + GST

Stockman Pioneer


SIRE: Coromandel 070002

DOB: August 2013

Stockman Pioneer is a double copy poll (PP) ram, son of Coromandel 070002.  He is trait leader on the FP (Fibre Production) index, MP (Merino Production) index, DP (Dual Purpose) index, FP+ and MP+ index.  He is also in the top 5% for YFD (Yearling Fibre Diameter) and LMY (Lean Muscle Yeild) within Sheep Genetics. His progeny have classed extremely well with in our on-property sire trial, displaying heavy body weights and excellent confirmation.  Pioneer has been selected to participate in the Macquarie Lifetime Productivity Project 2018 Drop.

$40 per dose + GST

Stockman Governor


SIRE: Stockman Captain

DOB: August 2012

Governor is the son of Stockman Captain and a PH poll ram.  He produces progeny with large structurally sound frames and excellent confirmation, together with heavy, soft stylish fleeces.

$40 per dose + GST

Stockman Willy


SIRE: Stockman 09-0510

DOB: August 2012

Stockman Willy is a double copy poll (PP) ram.  His progeny classed extremely well in our on-property sire trial, displaying beautiful white fleeces with well defined crimp and excellent physical structure.  With ASBV's in the top 5 % for fibre diameter he is a trait leader.

SEMEN: $40 per dose + GST

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