The progeny from these rams are run together to eliminate the effect of environment on the results. With the sires identity withheld the progeny are visually classed and objectively measured, these results are combined to asses the performance of the different sires.


We have eighteen years completed results and we have visually classed the nineteenth year’s progeny. Some of the standout rams over the completed trials have been Jim, Captain, Stilts, Pioneer, Des, Cargo and Woody. Jim and his progeny  continue to have  outstanding results in the Merinos Superior Sires and through Sheep Genetics Australia.


We believe that the use of this trial program gives us the confidence and security to progress the genetic base of Stockman Stud to the next level. By combining visual (subjective) and measured (objective) testing we have identified the most productive and structurally sound sires to ensure that Stockman Stud will capitalise on genetic gains at the fastest possible rate, further increasing profitability our clients.


Stockman Stud has always been focused on continually improving our selection process and breeding program. We have always used mid-side sampling as a major tool in our selection process. A number of years ago we included fleece weight and body weight data as an addition to this and now we have gone one step further by actually testing our rams genetic potential to ensure that we are selecting the best possible sires.


Since 2002 we have been testing our top young rams against other high ranking rams throughout Australia. The most effective and accurate way of doing this is to compare the progeny of these rams. Through the use of AI and single sire mating we are able to mate 7-9 young Stockman rams and up to three proven sires to a group of randomly selected ewes and record their progeny’s results.