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At Stockman we believe in sound breeding, that is why we only use proven Sires across our top stud ewes.  Through years of conducting our own on property sire trials, and continually assessing our Sires against the best performing rams in Australia, we are confident that the Sires used in the top end of our stud are reliable and proven.


Only rams in the top 2% of each year’s drop are selected to enter our Sire Trial.


We don’t solely assess these Sires for their measured traits but we are also looking for Sires which have the ability to stamp their mark on their progeny.  Sires which produce large percentages of Top classed progeny while also exhibiting exceptional fleece and body weight figures are our focus.

Progeny from the trial have the following results recorded:


  • visual score for 13 different traits,

  • wool tests and fleece weights,

  • body weights,

  • visual class


The Sires identity is withheld throughout this testing to eliminate any chance of bias.  The results are then collated and the Sires’ breeding results are determined.

Fertility is a key profit driver.  At Stockman we have been individually mating rams to mobs of 60 to 80 ewes for only 3 weeks.  Over the past 5 years the conception rates for these 3 week mating's have averaged over 90% and many rams are achieving over 95%+ ewes in lamb.  In addition, 60% to 70% of these lambs are scanned as bearing twins.  Eye Muscle Depth and Fat Depth are being measured to assist in increasing fertility rate and lamb survival.  You can be assured that when you combine Stockman genetics with appropriate nutrition you can achieve exceptional results.

Stockman Stud has been conducting on-farm sire trials since 2002, have only used poll merino sires in the stud since 2010 and ceased mulesing in 2018.


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